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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CW  May 20, 2012 8:30am-9:30am PDT

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the most colorful race in the bay area happening right now who want a first running of a corporate careers. looking ahead to the presidential contest a closer look at the youth vote and what they think about the candidates. a secret even to the guests of the facebook ceo shocked everyone by getting married. thanks for joining us this morning. a lot of news to cover in the next hour talking everything from tobacco tax to high tech. a lot on prop. 29 per to vote on june 25th.
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a big story of the day in san francisco a lot of colorful characters running around the city. critter is happening right now in san francisco. those of the serious runners at the front of the pack with thousands of others taking part as well. some were in a variety of costumes and street closures have been in effect train them economical and a park president obama back in the bay area this week to raise more cash for his campaign. the be touching down attending a party and the home of the red philanthropist later than that and a fund-raiser at the reception at the fox theater redwood city tickets at 250 almost sold out. the republican house speaker
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will also be on the peninsula on wednesday holding a fund-raiser at the home of the tech group thomas and the tickets for that image $1,000 to attend the general reception and 5000 if you watch a picture taken with the speaker. four republican congressmen on hand to co-host the event. in to us and a to obama courted young voters it was key to this election. the demographics of the group from 18 to 29 year olds turned out overwhelmingly. the president once again a lot has changed since the last presidential campaign. as they head home to the summit a class of 2012 faces an uncertain future for many it's filled with job search assistance to loans. the uncertainty is scary if the best and jumping in the deep end. he graduates from the
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college in new hampshire this week and says this uncertainty will affect have the votes in november's presidential election. the economy will be on the top of my list but also social issues are up there. one of the 18 to 29 year- old whose votes in 2008 helped president obama take the white house. to win more youth voters than there had been in 2004 and i don't think it's going to happen again. a recent poll has president obama with a sizable lead over mitt romney. the new hampshire political institute thinks that he can still be in trouble with the youth vote. right now is up 17 points with the youth voters but he is still the vaccine out at 43 percent with in that demographic. he's not totally convinced. it's different than it was before i was younger so i was a little more easily influenced.
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president obama knows the youth vote is an important constituency. mitt romney supporters are also pushing for the young folks. this time voting for mitt romney. he does in the super packed campaign to convince them to vote for mitt romney. he possesses the qualities and experiences and business and politics. and if to emphasize that created jobs is the number one issue for young voters to say it's more important to them the health care or reducing the deficit. braking is this morning the libyan man responsible for killing 270 people in the bombing has died. the disconfirmed the 59 year- old succumbed to prostate
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cancer at his home in tripoli. of the convicted of bonn of bombing a pan am flight over scotland two is released on humanitarian grounds he maintained his raleigh convicted through out. a strong earthquake shook northern italy causing buildings to collapse and killing at least four people. the 6.0 quake struck before dawn local time centered about 20 mi. northwest of valonia a ceramics factory caved in killing three people inside. also damage to ancient build towers in the area. one firefighter has been injured battling this massive fire at a palace yard in southern california. it quickly spread to neighboring businesses in content and cruiser expected to have a fire under control the this morning is not yet clear when ignited the flames. pg&e crucifixes high- pressure gas line after a car slammed into the carport and
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sampras's kosher in half the gas meter. they were unable to turn off the gas at the pga came out and were able to stop the gas leak with the permanent cap and the driver was injured. and this ticket is searching for a cause of a huge warehouse fire in oakland the warehouse was filled with hundreds of marijuana plants. picketers small explosions and pops at the scene investigators are looking into whether it was illegal and no one was hurt. a local call watchdog group was claiming that targeting the wrong people. they passed a social host ordinance finding homeowners were underage drinking other property but critics said the measure does not focus on the real problem the alcohol industry's aggressive marketing to teens. a similar law already and in place in marin county. in a statement the naacp road civil marriage as a civil-rights
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in a matter of civil law. in response to president obama's announcement that he supports a marriage. some black religious leaders oppose same-sex unions and the naacp specifically noted its support civil marriage but it does respect religious freedom. facebook founder capped one of the biggest weeks of his life but up in his relationship. he kept it to married. i was shocked to see this yesterday. the 28 year-old social media group married priscilla and a small ceremony in his home than at harvard in the been digging over nine years she graduated last week with and led many guests to believe there were attending a crack to ration party. the young lady is very lucky he's very lucky she's a doctor. is probably no prenup it's
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probably just sheer luck. critter 90 guests attended the ceremony they say the wedding ring featuring a small ruby was designed by mark himself. bay area business banking on facebook and how the how the social network move beyond status updates. and a tax proposal on cigarette smoke and they say it falls short of its promises and a conversation with the no on pratt twenty in what proposition 29 campaign. several light posts and windmill was ripped out. good morning. getting ready for the bid of breakers than a nice looking for most the sunshine of nice month temperatures for long run and a pitiful solar eclipse later in the day.
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a tornado caught on tape touching down in kansas the storm chaser cats caught the video of the twister touched down yesterday. there ripped the when the balance of the light posts with unconfirmed reports of structural damage to farms and least one mobile home. so far no reports of any injuries. the weather is not quite that dramatic around here expect a much sun shine in the bay area with high temperatures that could reach into the low 80s in some locations. the bay bridge based in san let this morning and also cooling trend on the way for the workweek. the temperatures right now in the upper 50s and most areas and up to 62 in concord and they're going up. to pinpoint forecasts.
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could win. the big headline is a very deep paul short partial solar eclipse to down today to deepest solar eclipse in the united states in 17 years with the maxwell club since extended p.m. tonight covering it live on cbs five. do not look at it directly you need to use i protection. but this is literally a blinding site so be careful of using a i- pad protection but it will be a beautiful sight. it will look like a crescent moon own most toward sunset law on the sky it's going to be memorable. the deepest point at 633 tonight. and conditions for it around the bay area. potential for maybe some cloud cover on the coast especially later in the day to what to
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issuers often seen the clips watch i'm talking about the time lapse of the protection of with the dish a book like today notice toward a new began to get the fog building along the shoreline and into the pay. around here heading out to moscow to discuss looks pretty good with more low-cost coming in early in the week with a high of 64 from monday. if you're headed out of los angeles son nick sunshine in 81 chicago as a cold front pass through partly cloudy rain in new york. we're off to mostly sunny start as least that is the forecast 64 for pacifica in the mid-70s around the bay and east bay warms up a little bit over yesterday's reading into the " eighties and antioch and pits burg. and a cooling trend will begin
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on monday and continue through the end of the week. even a hint of rain in about six days but it's only a hint. in the meantime a pretty nice sunday. one of the biggest issues in next month's ballot as proposition 29. if from a lot of commercials calling for raising the state cigarette tax by $1. it and there's a lot more commercials the goal is to raise money for cancer research for critics to the security of how the money is spent. from the americans for prosperity in california stop by to explain why the group is opposing the proposal. " nobody's opposed the idea of cancer research in pact taxpayers spend billions of dollars the national as to to develop lung cancer research. our problem with that proposition is it's another case of a special interest the big budget pet project.
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the ballot measure that ultimately walking the budget u.s. slice of the tax funds raised to a group of ninth elected people to spend as they see that on cancer research in this revolving fund that could be as much as a billion dollars a year. we're getting control to an unelected group in this fund every year. california were facing the fifth $16 bill and $16 billion budget deficit shouldn't look at things like the cuts to our health care system when the health and human services may have lost $4 billion last few years and education 20 billion doesn't cut trees that the. list with your first point. the question about special- interest one of the main criticisms right now people against proposition 29 same the whole thing is funded by tobacco companies. representing a special an
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interest group called the taxpayers. receiving funding from this and the one side proponents from tobacco companies and opposition from groups like ours representing taxpayers don't that it's a good idea because of the ballot box budgeting issue. i know people there even were against tobacco and the idea that taxes appealing to them that they are concerned about where the money goes. hearsay would necessarily be opposed it point to a general fund used? frankly it's more about how all the money is being allocated in who's controlling the money. before killing control this way to a nine member collective boredom in this revolving fund of the years so be blintz dollars fidelity this with the tax revenue should be spent.
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they need to have the flexibility to spend that when they prioritize at any given time. in this measure better than nothing not affecting a lot of people but why not? why not do it rather than having nothing the tax or find it if you played out with a record defined ultimately to change behavior. return to attacks sugar and fast food and unhealthy sexual behavior to pay for us to do research you cannot go on in honor of things that we can tax that may unhealthy but doing a lot, to impose fines and behavior to taxes and fines. i am against that. there are several problems with
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that on a number of fronts. when the idea of the tax to the with a thin is going and three because you don't like the idea of trying to control people's behavior to the government. the the point is 7 and comes with the sun where the money can be spent. it for quite takes in tax revenue almost a billion notion the california economy has said a portion of that even of the country the offer of this bill said last week we're verdict and a wailing can be spent at some of the state and even outside the country. its going to be the battle fight of this election. talking about $60 million from both sides going into this. the talk of this media with the campaign in support of proposition 29 coming up the next half-hour. bitten also all lotus about
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sports the giants score another when against a's in the bay serious. radome the horse on the edge of the triple crown victory next and sports.
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welcome back. facebook is increasingly a key element in technology start-ups and many developing applications for the social net working side. and it's an arrangement benefiting facebook as well as the other companies. they want to put your david is so confident in facebook future that he is taking a business plan on adds. could a face that could quickly become the key cornerstone to our marketing and business plan. he found an online music a big giving members access to more than 15 million songs. a good analogy is netflix dupage if flat monthly fee and it's all you could eat. but it's crowded and needed to grow as company quickly so the team that the facebook to create an application offering a free version to users that sure playlists. a new this is the music it automatically populating on your facebook page so that your
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friends can see what we ♪ thing to. his membership increased tenfold. the biggest challenge in silicon valley is getting people to discover your business. the facebook chief technology officer no machine handy to people discover your business and that's the fundamental value that facebook provide the that's why it's so significant for some industries. facebook it's a huge benefit to chief operating officer explained in an interview last fall that applications of culture company evolved beyond just but as the status updates. we want everyone to bring their finds along when they listen to music or when they read articles or watch videos but we do not produce music or articles of videos are the we'll put technology out that other companies can't integrate with. greta since january more than three dozen applications of launched on the spike everyone gives facebook a better sense for what may what makes each
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user tech. we agreed the music that to listen to is a huge reflection of who you are the clear picture of what its new influences you translates into more targeted advertising. it's a much more powerful tool for facebook to use for the marketers. in the industry this change or die may ultimately be face books business from ships that keep ahead of its time line. cbs news the eight the final stage of the to of california by grace will wrap up in the city of angels. the station began an upscale beverly hills and take riders through hollywood before the winners crownets that of the staple center detachment one stage seven yesterday and is the overall race lead by 46 seconds. a dramatic comeback sets up another shot for a triple crown winner and a host race horse race. the a bridge series that
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at&t park with all of that and more this morning. all have other will have a chance to win the triple crown next month after a thrilling comeback. there's the wire. to win it. it was part of a four run seven the giants win for nothing and is of no lost 11 straight at at&t park. ramirez beating is clearlake we have with the river cats over four with three strikeout total to rejoin a summit 30th after finishing his suspension for a failed drug test. the nba playoffs the lakers and under title 98 trillion to three
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with 13 seconds to go the thunder takes a 31 series lead. the spurs went on a run in the third to control today beating the clippers and 96-86. of battle between environmentalists and golfers in pacifica is on today both sides wait for the court to decide the case whether an endangered frog can exist and thrive on a public golf course. the environmentalists claim the meat into the golf course kills the frocks but he insists the chorus has improved things in the frogs are doing well. the final decision will come from the centers is the federal court room. the racers and the costumes in baedeker's does of runners taking a from the starting line this morning. protesters and police clash ahead of the senate the three activists of face charges of
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domestic terrorism. the the final voyage for the start military ship delayed some limit on the weather.
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more coffee? what do you think? [ female announcer ] free breakfast. more room. complimentary drinks. embassy suites. get more. >> they are off! thousands of racers off for the bay at the
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breakers. coming up, the runners were going for records and those who want to party >> three men charged with making explosives to carry of terrorist attacks against president obama and other targets. >> the major freeway artery in the south bay will be closed for memorial weekend. major repair projects set for the dumbarton bridge. welcome back to the early edition. you don't look dressed for the race? >> i'm not going there if i can help it. it is have fun and half crazy, depending. >> we will be talking about all of them out there running in san francisco >> new video this morning, here's a look at the starting line. it is the 101st running of the bay to breakers as
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>> they started at 7:00 a.m. from south and market. serious runners are in the front of the pack but thousands of others are taking part as well. some of them were highly creative costumes and some where little if anything at all. they finished at the great highway. >> it is a great atmosphere race, more than just running hard and everything, we will run hard but there is a party at the end >> we came all this way to have some fun and we hear that san francisco is the place to admit >> so far they have kept things under control, there have been no arrests >> president obama in the first lady arrived in chicago overnight. the president is meeting with heads of state of 28 countries. both the president and mayor
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rahm emanuel were targeted by three activists who were arrested and charged with domestic terrorism. >> as noisy protesters marched in chicago, some of them clashing with police, three members of a splinter group are in court facing charges of domestic terrorism >> some of the proposed targets included the campaign headquarters of president barack obama, the home of mayor rahm emanuel, and certain downtown financial institutions. >> be out of state trio, part of an anarchist group, was arrested wednesday. police say the board making molotov cocktails to use during the summit. the men say they were making beer >> they are shocked and very confused and very frightened by the severity of the allegations >> protests have mainly been peaceful but watch as this man is told from the crowd
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interested. the you have any sense that people are planning violence? >> no. first of all would like to say that property damage is not violence because you're not hurting anyone but that is really not one of their tactics >> as protesters continue to march, it nearly 50 heads of state started to arrive here in chicago. the main focus for both sides over the next few days will be the war in afghanistan >> the world leaders are working on a winding down the war effort. protesters want that money spent at home >> is the war machine of the 1% and we are here in chicago saying that nato should be disbanded >> in a ramp up to the big rally and march to the home of mayor rahm emanuel >> should not be at city hall? >> desperate times call for desperate measures
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>> plan on keeping in desperation within the lines of the law. >> back here in the bay area there will be a special meeting in oakland to begin the process of filling the seat vacated by former alameda county supervisor nadia walker. she is a the wife of the state treasurer who resigned last month in the wake of a scandal to involving a former lover who she says assaulted her. the board of supervisors will choose three finalists to be interviewed for her former seat. a memorial day weekend bridge closure is on hand. it will cause a traffic headaches for commuters all over the place. caltrans will be shutting down all six lanes of the dumbarton bridge next weekend in order to replace an expansion joint. it is set for friday night all the way until 5:00 a.m. tuesday may 29th. 60,000 cars use that bridge between menlo park in fremont
9:05 am
every day. >> the countdown to the shutdown this friday. muni is shutting down some heavily used routes that cut through the heart of the city. thousands will need to plan on extra time to get across town. >> starting next week for 11 days, don't plan on getting anywhere fast in san francisco >> we have a couple of projects planned to release the rail centering in one of the busiest junctions of the system so we try to replace that track to make it safer and smoother >> that means some lines that carry nearly 100,000 riders per day are being sidelined for work on that the tracks. muni is providing buses for the lines but most will need to improvise. >> it is very important, i use it every day >> i am mad as hell, why don't they put it back? >> is memorial day weekend which
9:06 am
is a slower transition time so this gives us the opportunity >> some people hope to avoid the mess >> the web poll is the best way to get through without going up in the hills >> bad news, for 11 days it will be closed >> why? >> those streets between market and eight street will be worked on as well as >> there will be major detours for a huge number of peaceful people who bicycled through the area >> at the end of the day we need to get this done >> so if you have to avoid writing biking and muni, maybe the best thing is to walk. everywhere is walking distance if you have the time. >> an historic piece of u.s. military history will stay in the bay area for just a little longer. the uss iowa was set to begin its final journey to l.a. from
9:07 am
the port of richmond this afternoon but midweek whether issues have delayed the last voyage. no word yet on when the battleship will set sail. it was first launched in 1942 and decommissioned in 1990 and it will become a floating museum >> california voters are weighing in on a measure that would raise taxes on cigarettes. >> why supporters say that money will help find a cure for cancer. our conversation with the proposition 29 campaign next >> why volunteers sifted through thick mud in one of the bay area's crash hot spots. taking a live look right now at san francisco, we will hav
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>> it was an eye opening experience for young volunteers as they work to clean up one of oakland's trash of spots. yesterday volunteers picked up everything from cigarette butts
9:11 am
to beer cans. it was coordinated by save the bay it as part of national cleanup the river day. it was a dirty job but worth the effort >> crazy, there is some much trash out here. i feel kind of bad because i feel i contribute to it >> organizers say a lot of the trash left on roadways gets washed into storm drains and then into the bay. save the bay organizes similar cleanup events throughout the year. skies are clear and temperatures ranging from the upper 60s to a low 80s. currently around the area we're moving into the '60s. concord is up to 66 degrees, san jose at 61 degrees. brian has the latest on the rest of the weather forecast. >> let's begin with the big
9:12 am
headline, a very deep partial solar eclipse that is happening later today, it is the deepest solar eclipse in the u.s. in 17 years and there will be maximum eclipse at 630 3:00 p.m. tonight. we will cover it live on cbs five. do not look at it directly. you need to use eye protection or use the pin hole in the paper trick but this is literally a blinding site so you will want to be careful about using high protection but it will be a beautiful sight. it will look like a crescent moon through protective lands. it will be memorable and the deepest part is that 633 tonight. we will have pretty good conditions, mostly sunny and the potential for a few clouds along the coast especially later in the day so if you want to assure
9:13 am
yourself of seen the clips you need to get away from the coast. watch the time lapse today, towards the evening we begin to get fog building in all along the shoreline. right around here, we will get some low clouds. tomorrow, sfo looks pretty good. normal clouds will be moving in the early in the week. if you're headed to l.a., sunshine and 81 degrees. chicago has a cold front pass through with partly cloudy skies. for the bay area where off to mostly sunny start. 64 in pacifica, mid-70s around the bay, east bay warms up a little bit over yesterday into the low 80s. 83 in livermore. then, a cooling trend will begin on monday and continue
9:14 am
through the end of the week, on thursday and friday of low pressure comes out of the gulf and really cool is less down and there is even a chance of rain in about six days. in the meantime it looks like a pretty nice sunday more >> california voters will decide on june 5th whether to increase cigarette taxes by $1 per pack >> it would raise roughly $800 million per year but some of the money would be going out of state? we put that question to re grosso who chairs california advocacy task force. >> if you read the document on page 2 it says clearly, the research, the efficacy, the public education will happen right here in california >> but didn't he put the campaign together say that it could go out and there was no boundary? >> they're following national
9:15 am
institutes of health protocols which say that yes, it should go to the most meritorious place, but, the panel that will control these funds is made up of chancellors of university of california schools and clearly, the intent of the measure is to make sure that all that money stays here and those chancellor's as well as organizations like the american heart association will make very sure it stays here >> but the bottom line is it could go out of state >> possibly >> the other thing here is to try to stop people from smoking and you guys have thrown out some statistics that would stop some 200,000 young people from smoking, isn't that obviously conjecture? >> no it isn't. the federal government just issued a national study tracking the relationship between cost of smoking and prevalence of smoking. the figures are absolutely irrefutable. if you raise the cost of
9:16 am
smoking, consumption goes down, particularly among kids. kids want videogames and expensive shoes, when the price of smoking goes up they stop and think they really want to spend all their money on cigarettes. >> speaking of choices, i speak to people on the street all the time and a lot of them are in support of the idea of a sin tax and raising the price of cigarettes to reduce smoking but the question they have is, but why doesn't the money go for treatment of people who have a smoking problems? to help offset the rising health-care cost as opposed to research? >> we think that research will help find the cure for many of the diseases that smokers suffer from. our hospitals are full of them right now and it cost the health-care system over $5 billion per year to take care of
9:17 am
those people >> but you can care smoking by people not smoking. that is how we can hear people from getting smoking-related diseases. is this creating a fund for organizations like the cancer society's and such views are like stem cell research, in other words, the research pot of money in a time when the state could use it for either prevention or treatment of people who already have smoking problems >> none of the research money goes to the american heart association or cancer society or any other supporters of prop 29. it goes to university researchers, scientists and doctors. second, you can treat the disease all you want but if you don't find a way to stop it before it starts, you are doomed to spend billions and billions of dollars into eternity curing, treating, helping people who are
9:18 am
already sick and many of whom will die regardless of the treatment >> we have seen a lot of ads on the sea shoe but more on the anti proposition 29 campaign. a lot of money is being poured in by tobacco companies. >> this absolutely concerns us. we have come up with $4 million but the tobacco industry has already spent $40 million and by the time it is all over their expenditure will probably be between 80-$100 million so we are outgunned by a huge margin >> i was talking with the other side, they said that the tobacco industry will outspend them tremendously but if they got money and put their ads that it could be dead even. >> we will see. >> a boom or bust in silicon valley >> two different pictures this
9:19 am
week with facebook and hewlett- packard. we will
9:20 am
9:21 am
>> another status update heard round the world >> mark zuckerberg posted in listed company on nasdaq and with a flip of the switch at the headquarters, the social network did go public. this week, a paradox for silicon valley giants. we saw facebook exploding with its public offering but at the same time we got word that hewlett-packard may be laying off between 25 and 30,000 people worldwide. we turn to former mayor willie brown and cnet editor bryan cooley and we ask what kind of economic model is this >> part of what is happening is a changing of the garden technology. hewlett-packard is a tangible
9:22 am
technology company. we know what they do. we understand they are eight the company. i would almost argue that facebook is not a tech company. they are a market maker. advertisers want into their network of connections. it is much more amorphous than what hewlett-packard does, which is more stable and tangible >> effect on the economy, hewlett-packard make something, it has a factory. apple make something. but these other things are ideas and they don't necessarily translate into the long term jobs and buildings of the older economy >> how to structure in that possibility for budget purposes because we need some stability on predictability for revenue
9:23 am
purposes in order to score in it and you cannot exactly do that when today it is $30 per share and tomorrow as indicated earlier it might be 17 >> what does this say about where we are headed? the transition from computer factories to idea factory >> another thing about the asset value is when you build factories and major infrastructure you know it is there for awhile. look at all the facebook millionaires that will be minted. employees who within three or six months will be free to start shelling their shares and take enormous gains and ask what is next? a big brain drain which could be an out-of-state brain drain. if a big opportunity is out of california they will take their money and leave. >> you notice with the prospect
9:24 am
of what they are about to do, there are no protests. in the old days we would have been raising hell about the loss of a factory and what will do to our school district and what will do to small businesses. that is not the case in this new world >> coming up, a new look at this morning's top stories >> including the bay to breakers in san francisco.
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>> welcome back, here is a look at this morning's top stories >> bay to breakers race happening right now in san francisco.
9:27 am
elite runners leading the pack and everyone is headed to the group finish line on the great highway. police have made no arrests so far but they've responded to three medical calls >> this morning the libyan man convicted of killing 270 people in the 1988 lockerbie bombing has died. relatives confirmed today that he lost his battle with prostate cancer >> today president obama welcome leaders from eight countries to a summit in chicago. they're expected to discuss how to withdraw troops from the war in afghanistan >> the last look at the weather, it great day for racing the bay to breakers. >> unless you're wearing a huge for a costume. a live look right now, high is up to the low 80s in some areas around the bay. these are the current conditions. fifties and sixties and the temperatures are going up. we will see a cooling trend starting tomorrow.
9:28 am
>> the moon will pass in front of the sun creating the solar eclipse known as the ring of fire. it happens at 632 this evening but do not look at it with the naked guy. the best way to watch is with a welder's masks or a pin hold york. look at these new additions to the palace of fine arts. six babies wants attached on thursday. the mother and father brought out their babies to show them off on friday. they're awfully cute. >> you are asked to keep your distance from the new arrivals. >> thanks for joining us today. we will be back on cbs 5730 next sunday morning. enjoy the week ahead.
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